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Yoga Sutra 1.16 for the modern world

“When you have completely connected to your truest self, you will no longer be affected by the influences around you” 

This Sutra reminds us that we will find true happiness from within, not from external desires, objects, people and things. And once this true happiness is found there is no longer a need to keep striving externally. So often I hear “I’ll be happy when.....” “it will be alright when....” and so on and so on. The feeling that external achievements will bring happiness...there’s no doubt that sometimes these things make life easier, but what normally happens is when that goal is achieved we look to the next goal, not really finding happiness in the first. This is because we are unsettled within, when we do find a balance from inside, a self belief, self love and self fulfilment suddenly the goals don’t mean so much anymore, that Yoga posture your striving for looses its shine, that house you dream of having looses its appeal as you realise how lucky you are to have a simple roof over your head, the pay rise your killing yourself to get suddenly pales into significance when you realise how much a walk in nature brings you instead of the hours commute on the train. When this happiness comes from within then nothing can disturb us. Our yoga practice draws us inwards, and slowly over time it finds its way to releasing these binds to external things and helping us to achieve our ultimate goal.....peace within ourselves, happiness and love. #yogasutra #yogasturas #sanskrit #sanskritstudies #ancienttexts #yogaphilosophy #yogalife #yogathoughts #yogadaily #yogastudio #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yoga #yogapractice #practiceandalliscoming #practiceandalliscoming 

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