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What’s your definition of a successful day? I redefined mine recently, it used to be if I felt I’d pleased others, made others happy and done enough for others. I wasn’t part of the success. But I’ve realised you can’t base your success on others as you have no control how others feel or respond to what you do, you can only do your best. What I count as a successful day now is if I’ve had time to walk my dog morning and night, if I’ve sat and breathed through a full Mala meditation, if I’ve groomed and hugged my horses, if I’ve made myself and Tim yummy nourishing food. If I’ve been true in my teaching and taught what my soul sung that day and if I’ve honoured my guidance.

All of these things are under my control, they all top me up and make me feel whole, and when my head hits the pillow at night if I’ve done this I feel it’s been a successful day.

As Peta J Kelly says “what you do each day turns into what you do each week, what you do each week turns into what you do each month and what you do each month turns into what you do each year, and what you do each year makes your life.”

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