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We are spirit sisters

And then the barriers laugh so hard you pee your pants, you cry for happiness, you share in the ridiculousness of life, of squirty poos, of getting dressed in the morning and of stupid mistakes; and then you sit and talk until the early hours, you talk and bond and connect and finally every cell in your body releases the barriers held up around your soul, they drop, the women before yo...u aren’t the girls that hurt you years ago, they are a new tribe, a different collective, and they love you, and after talking for hours the emotions burst through, the fears, the worries and the joy. And you sit, and hug, and cry and smile knowing that behind every smile, every “I’m fine” there’s a whole different story and each of you is beautiful, wonderful and powerful, each woman that sits around you holds her own story, her own anxiety and her own HUGE heart, and you realise, you are not alone.

The power of women when they come together can be used for the good or for the bad, I’ve felt both sides, but when women really come together, when they hold each other in space and heart, when they’re fucking real, that power is so profound that even the barriers and fear you’ve placed around your heart for years have no choice but to crumble and you can only be there fully and in your whole self. And it feels amazing. #wearespiritsisters

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