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Balance, isn’t that what life is all about?

Finding the balance between everything, work and rest, fun and serious, spend and save, it’s a constant practice.

I’ve been speaking to people a lot recently about how they find their own balance, how they can shape their lives to be more balanced. The old model of work so hard that you never have time to see loved ones is shifting, more and more people ...are waking up to realise that’s there’s far more to life than just earning money for big companies.

But how do we change? How do we shape our lives to find that balance?

If you’re anything like I was I’d feel guilty every moment I wasn’t working, I’d feel like if others were working I should be, but then I’d work evenings and weekends too. I’d continue to do this until, I broke.

Life now is all about maintaining the balance I’ve found since breaking and rebuilding again. This is a daily practice, a daily process and it’s mainly a practice of not being afraid to change things. When things start to fall out of balance it’s time to change....change in my life is coming again, and so the process of finding balance continues.....

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