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Our Edges

We define ourselves by our edges so often, our outline, our looks, our skin, our hair, our clothes, our weight, our podgy bits, our cellulite, our external.

Yoga has taught me to look inwards, it’s made me realise when I speak to someone I’m never looking at their edges, it’s their energy that attracts me to them, their soul, their enthusiasm, their fun, their glint in their eye, their laugh, th...eir smiles... So why would it be different in me? Why would others only see my edges? When you start working on your energy, changing negative into positive, when you start to top yourself up rather than pull yourself apart you start to realise that there’s a world you never knew. A world where you worry less about what your edges are doing and more about what your soul is calling for, you listen in deeper, you let go more and bam you’re inside yourself once more, fully embracing you. Don’t get me wrong, this takes practice, the world wants to draw you out, constantly telling you how you should look, what shape you should be, but each time you get drawn out the practice is heading back in, letting go of your edges once more. This is my practice, a constant repetition of feeling comfy in myself to being triggered to feeling comfy once more.

But as I practice I find a love for myself that I never once had, a true belief that we are more than what we look like and more than our edges.

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