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Full Moon Magic

Stayed up most of the night with this amazing chica, talking business, dreams and soul desires. Manifesting the full moon energy into aligning with our true selves.

Full moons to the two of us are the most powerful, from becoming moon sisters last year after an impromptu night long chat under the full moon by the river I realised this girl was special.

We clicked, and our souls aligned. Now she is someone I can literally say anything to “the good, the bad, the ugly” I can be brutally honest about what I see and she never judges. She is one amazing human. Last night was my last full moon before marriage so it was an extra powerful one for me and sitting with this awesome soul I realise how absolutely amazingly blessed I am to be surrounded by incredible women all who in their own way inspire me and keep me aligned with who I am. Ladies I love you, you’re my tribe and I’m so grateful for you.

Who’s your soul tribe? Who can you be brutally honest with and never be judged?

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