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I'll take all the help I can get

As I run up to one of the biggest days of my life I know I’m going to need self confidence and self love as well as grounding to help me take it all in. These little pouches of stones are part of my prep. A pouch for relationships and a pouch for self confidence, they sit under my pillow as I sleep and in my hands as I meditate. Crystals can be some of the most powerful healing things you can have in your life, each Mala I wear is energised in a way I need for that day by the stones that it holds, and these little pouches are supercharged with power.

So if you’re coming up to something big that you feel you need a little extra helping hand with, take a look at stones and see what you can find that feels right for you.

Here are my stones: • I always carry a tiger eye with me, for every session I teach, as it releases fear and builds confidence, • Rose quartz is my fav at the moment as it promotes unconditional love • Carnelian is the stone for new beginnings • Red Jasper helps aid empowerment, physical strength and energy • Ruby Fuchsite aids with emotional balance • Rhodonite encourages compassion and forgiveness and helps release the fear surrounding that • Lolita strengthens your aura • Lapis Lazuli helps you speak your truth • Amazonite is energy healing and balances the chakras • Kyanite removes energy blocks

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