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Evening walks with Tim practicing our photos for the wddding with Sophie from and the best pic of the night was this one!!!!

These animals are absolute beauts, intelligent and caring they are just mesmerising to watch. When I teach in nature I talk about how we aren’t separate from it, how we are part of it. These remind me that each animal on this earth is just as important as we are, and our planet needs us to put it at the board room tables, to hear it speak, to consider animals as equals as they lead just as important rolls in the future of this earth as we do. As we stood and watched these beautiful animals a barn owl flew through, magpies squawked, woodpeckers pecked and the air was filled with a smell of nature growing. The trees breathed out oxygen, trees that have stood for hundreds of years, I found myself asking “why do we feel our life is more important than any of this?” “Why do we feel like we are different/better than nature?” Because ultimately without Mother Earth and all she provides we wouldn’t be here!!! So the obvious question is “are we that stupid/ignorant to not listen to her calls, to not put her at our board room tables and to not hold her as our highest importance?”

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