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A mornings teachings..

A beautiful morning teaching amazing women, the power of emotion running through the sessions was palpable.

The earth truly causing our vibrations to raise and find another level of sensitivity. Embracing our wild women nature and really finding our souls words.

It’s days like this I feel so grateful to do what I do, when we connect at a deeper level. Mother Earth and all your creatures you are awesome. Let’s move slowly with a gentle practice in nature, grounding ourselves after the week that’s just been and exploring our own inner landscapes.

For some of us we have internal mountains to climb, for others we have long deserts to slowly trek through, oceans to dive into and see what’s beneath, there’s already an adventure to be had, and when we turn inwards we find that there’s more to learn, more to find out than ever before. So come and move slowly with me, wind down and finish your week with gratitude and love.

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