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The great outdoors

I just love to practice outside, even when the weather is cold and I need to wear two pairs of trousers, my beanie hat and about a million jumpers I still can’t beat it.

To breathe fresh air in, to feel the actual earth beneath my feet and to feel the breeze against my skin, nothing makes me feel more alive.

In our modern world I believe we become so disconnected with what being outdoors is all about, we have centrally heated homes, a car with heated seats and air con, an office, we wear shoes, layers and basically put every single possible barrier around ourselves to avoid connecting to reality, the real world that is away from our computers, our phones and our iPads.

I’ve always worked outside so to me it feels odd being inside, I’ve always felt the elements against my skin, sworn a lot when my hands felt like they were going to drop off through cold and the sweated in the baking sun whilst shivering something, I’ve felt it all and all that’s done is made me want to feel it more.

We don’t have heating in our home other than a wood burner, tim sleeps with every window in the house open, I complain because of the cold but I love the fresh air, we love as close to nature as we can, and I want to get even closer, I know for some practicing yoga outdoors just is a step too far, if that’s you then maybe go for a walk in nature instead, but what I do know is we all need to get outside a little more, breathe some proper air, feel truly alive, swear when we’re cold, get annoyed at floes and ants and be stung by nettles. All of these are daily happenings for me.

Mother Nature didn’t give us this planet for us to hide away from it, she didn’t give us amazing trees and beautiful flowers for them not to be seen.

This week why not try and get outside, even if it’s just to eat your lunch away from your desk? If your a boss hold a meeting in the park, or even a walking meeting, if you work from home take the laptop outside, change things up and see what happens....try the outdoor life for a bit.

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