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What things are you willing to change?

As the new moon passes over us what things are you willing to change this next cycle?

I’ve had some huge shifts on the previous cycle, and I’m looking forward to allowing them to fly in this one.

As a female I’m deeply connected to the moon cycle and sometimes it feels unnerving, to be ruled by something so distant, yet at other times it’s also very comforting.

Her rhythms and tides have the ability to sway my moods, through me from exoneration to total disrepair and back again.

Each cycle brings something new and I always find the new moon draws me inwards, making me want to hide away at home and stay within the land I know.

This new moons no different, trips I had planned I’ve cancelled as all I want to do is be in my own space, as I lay here unable to sleep with dreams and hopes buzzing through my head I pray to her that she will support me through this next chapter and that our hopes and dreams will come to us.

So as we leap into the next 28 days of life let’s set our intentions, hold our energies up to her, hold our hearts open and our souls clear and allow her to wash her magic over us once more.

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