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The days that aren't rainbows and sunshine...

Sometimes the day becomes overwhelming, even to someone who practices Yoga a lot.

Today was one of those days, when the dogs ran away across the wheat fields for the second time and I just didn’t have the energy in me to chase them I felt as if I was going to fall apart.

I think I’m having a very low dose of reaction to gluten, we’re trying to work out if it’s harvest and me coming into contact with the dust (pit falls of being married to a wheat/Barley farmer and being severely sensitive) or if it’s because I’ve managed to cross contaminate myself whilst making the harvest team their suppers.

But whatever it is I’m drained.

Yet...90 mins with these monkeys and the world is a much better place. Grooming, hugging, being still and switching off completely is what I needed and it was my ponies that gave me that today.

Yoga doesn’t have to be your asana practice, Yoga just means to yoke to connect, any sort of connection is Yoga. So my yoga today was ponies and god I feel like a different woman, still drained but far less on the verge of crying and more at peace with the world.

Night night beautiful people, tomorrow will bring a new Day.

Have a thought of gratitude for all we have and sleep well.

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