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The flow of our practice mirrors the flow of life, the posture we love and get excited about reflect those times where things feel good, the harder postures that stir up a world of emotions reflecting those times where life feels intense and not always in a good way. Yoga doesn’t make life perfect, it doesn’t fix our problems, what it does do is teach us a new way, some may say a better was to cope with them. It teaches us to face what’s being stirred rather than run away, to feel what’s passing through rather than stuff back down and it teaches us that as each posture moves into the next, each emotion will do the same, slowly morphing...flowing...into something new. Each practice will always bring up some things that aren’t always great, you will always find yourself at some point trying to avoid something or get out, but the key is to stay, to explore and ask what is this your being taught, what are you beings asked to hear from inside, what block are you being guided to overcome. And as the flow progresses we find this space at the end where we get a moment of stillness to reflect, absorb and freeup what ever energy has been shifted....this teaches us that as we release to the flow of life we can find moments to pause, to reflect and to ultimately find peace where once there was just struggle.

This is what true flow is, and this is why we flow in or practice.

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