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What happens when you actually meet truth

What happens when you actually meet truth and you're not comfortable with what you see?

You know the times in your life when everything inside has been telling you one thing, yet the easiest and most simplest option is to do the exact opposite.

When you know that what is true really is the hard road, and what is right is even harder.

My nature is to work hard, give, give and give, sleep and start all over. That is my nature, but I know it's not good for me, I know it makes me sick and I know I can't go on. That is the TRUTH, does that make it comfortable, hell no, does it make it easy? Absolutely not!

This path isn't about the easiest option, it's about finding the best option for yourself and ultimately the loved ones around you.

When you nature and the way you live and organise your life is the exact opposite to what you health needs the truth is hard to take, and even harder to act upon. I've spent many years justifying the easiest route, if I rest now I can be back at full steam, if I eat this, drink less of that, do more of this all will be ok. I've gone round and round in circles avoiding the truth, and that is, that my body and my health suffer when I live a life that's busy as hell and always giving.

Now as someone who loves to do things for others, and who loves to be busy, this is a hard thing to stomach. But once you meet truth and really start to see her, you can't shake her.

I feel I'm at this point on my journey now, I have a choice, I move forwards holding truths hands and deal with what is going to be a hard and bumpy road to start with as I get used to saying NO when I'm so used to saying yes, as I get used to finding new streams of income that don't require me to teach 5/6 hours a day and as I get used to not always thinking if I'm not teaching then I'm lazy. (yes that does go through my mind daily).

Or I turn back and continue along the road I know so well that it feels comfortable, safe, I know the pattern. I'll jump back onboard the cycle of work a little bit, then a lot, the crash and burn, then go again. That's an insane life, but a life I've known for 17 years and a life I understand.

What I'm saying is facing truth and starting to follow my truth is the path I'm going to take, its the bloody scary path that I have no idea of the pattern, the cycle or the outcome. But last night I threw into the fire fear of the unknown...and that I shall embrace.

Working with my truth is my new adventure. Finding out what awaits is my new exciting path.

I will still teach, I adored our new moon session last night and its things like that I'm being called to do more of, less structured lessons day in and day out and more soulful heart opening and deep diving gatherings of beautifully minded people at times that feel awesomely right.

So watch this space...lets see where embracing my truth and not running away from it actually takes me....lets get wild.

Meg xx

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