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Unpacking Fear

Lets continue on from yesterday and stick with fear, but this time how to unpack our emotions to find fear and then choose love.

Emotions are sent to us as messages from our subconscious, as messages from our soul. Instead of suppressing them we can choose to learn to read them and ask ourselves what is this message being sent to me and how can I answer.

The 'good' emotions the fun ones, happy, excitement, joy, trust are easy to read and easy to feel for some, these are signs that your soul is aligning with its truth, that you are on the right path. The more negative emotions, the ones we try to stifle, maybe even feel bad about feeling, which is a whole other insanity about what we do to ourselves, saying that we are great to feel one way but if we feel the opposite there's something wrong with us so we must deny that emotion to pass through us and push it down! Who said that was a good idea for self acceptance and love? Yes the initial line of I'm feeling this so something must be wrong or out of alignment is the right thing to acknowledge, but instead what we do is then silence the emotion because we feel bad about feeling it, this is where we actually need to ask ourselves, what message is this emotion trying to speak, what do we need to hear.

Emotions have layers, the initial emotion may not be the seed, and as I said yesterday, most emotions on the negative spectrum will slowly unravel to fear, and on the positive side to love. But if we want to stop feeling the emotions on the negative spectrum what we need to do is address the seed and not try and cut the messenger off. The saying "don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind here, its not the emotions fault, that emotion is being sent to tell you something.

Lets unpack this further, take for example jealousy, the green emotion, the emotion we should all feel shame about feeling right? Wrong? This emotion is just as valid and justified as happiness and joy, in the end it is just that an emotion. Jealousy can be seen as a message that your alignment is off, if you look at social media and feel jealous about all the people travelling to far off places, this is your soul calling you to travel more, or maybe just simply to be more adventurous in your decisions, we rarely get jealous of these people traveling when were sitting in an airport about to go travelling ourselves, and that's because we are back in alignment. If you look at people who eat healthily and feel jealous that they have the time to make good food, is that your soul calling you that your alignment is to find the time to cook food rather than eat out? Sometimes the jealous emotion isn't a direct reflection of what you're looking at but it is in there somewhere there's a message from your soul that if you're feeling this its because you're not quite living your truth.

Once you start to work that out you can unpack that even more, the next questions is why am I not aligned, why am I not living my truth, you may find a whole different emotion sitting at the end of that question, anger at your high school teacher for not giving you the better grades to go on, or frustration at your parents for not pushing you, there may be sadness at missed opportunities or longing for an older life you once had, sit with those for a while and slowly they will unravel to the next question, what held you back, and you'll probably find under there a big well of FEAR, fear of failing, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being good enough, fear of falling, fear of looking stupid, fear of judgement, fear of life!

When you get to fear and find that over the years that fear has caused you to feel jealous of people you can soon start to change, you can start to choose to see this fear and replace it with love.

But how?

I call it talking to your inner child, imagine there's a mini you standing in front of you, the you that first manifested this fear, now speak to them as you would a child that was standing in front of you scared, fearful. Reassure them that the things they fear aren't really there, they aren't the truth, fear is just a story we make up in our head. Talk to your inner child in a nurturing loving way and show them love.

If you do this each time you feel a message from the soul in a form of emotion slowly you'll start to find the source of all, that is love and slowly you'll be able to unravel the layers you've placed around yourself, through gradually accepting each emotion, feeling it, being with it and allowing your self fully to open to it, to listen to what that fear has to say and to not add another emotion to it like shame or guilt for feeling it, you can start to really align with your truth, and through aligning with your truth you align with love.

Meg x

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