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Nature sees your truth

I can't tell what your thinking! I can't read your mind!

As humans we spend our life trying to work out what others are thinking, what they think of us, what they think they're doing, we try to even work out what we're thinking ourselves as sometimes those thoughts can be so mixed up.

And have you ever had those moments where you speak to someone and what they are saying doesn't match up to their actions or how you perceive them to be, that disconnect between their mind and their body?

That's the beauty of nature, you can't lie to it, you can't convince it your fine when your not and you can't have one intention and do something else, it will always know what the base note in the equation is.

Nature sees your truth, it sees the part of you that you hide from the world, the energy that sits inside and refuses to be acknowledged and it feels it, causing you to feel it too, that's why when we spend time in nature it cracks us open and allows us to heal, every heard the saying nature is healing.

When we spend time in nature, with nature, whether its with plants or animals the energy we put out gets read, its been proved that if you actually talk to your plants and love them like you do other people they grow better, because your energy is true and clear, it tops them up.

An animal will always read your heart, your soul, your truth. You can say "I'm fine" until the cows come home but if you're not, if your scared, worried, nervous, upset, angry the animal will read this from underneath the words. And that true energy can't be controlled, held back or hidden from nature.

This is because nature doesn't have words to express its emotions it just has energy, movement and in animals cases body language. So therefore it gets very good at reading this.

I always say my horses are my biggest teachers, they are the guys that tell me my truth, I can't be anything but pure with them as they'd see straight through me the second I come near them, horses are so beautiful at reading energies they can sense heart rates rising from another room and they can sense breathing rates change from a distance of over 10m, that's pretty awesome considering we sometimes don't even know that our own breathing rate has changed.

Spending time in nature draws us out of our heads because the overall energy around us is a felt energy rather than a thinking energy, it naturally draws us to the earth and ultimately into our bodies, that's why we get so many breakthroughs when we go on a walk, or just feel a bit more chilled and connected if we've spent some time in the countryside.

What we surround ourselves by is what we generally find we match to, if you are in a busy workplace where everything is from the brain for long enough you will find that you will end the day in your brain and ungrounded, if you are able to get outside and go for a walk in nature to reground you will notice very quickly that the body starts to take over and the brain starts to fizz less.

I suppose it could be seen as a type of mediation, where you get drawn back into the body and only the important thoughts are left in the mind.

Nature teaches us that its not always about the mind, that what someone is thinking is not the real thing to focus on, its what they're feeling, because as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words and your heart/soul cannot lie.

Maybe today try it, watch peoples energies rather than purely listening to their words, switch on your senses and feel what's emanating from them, see if you can start to read what's really happening inside someone, notice if what you observe aligns with what they are saying or is it massively off kilter. Then maybe ask yourself why. Notice your own patterns too, are you speaking your hearts truth or your minds thoughts? Do they match up? Is there a deep longing or emotion sitting inside you that the mind refuses to go to, imagine if you were sitting next to an animal what would they see? What type of energy would they feel, because that's your truth, that's what its all about.

Meg xx

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