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What's your input

Do you want to change something in your life? Maybe its your perspective, maybe you feel stuck in a rut, or out on you own and wanting to find a tribe.

One of things that we need to pay attention to is what we surround ourselves with each day. In this day and age we have so much choice of what input we choose, and yet we regularly find ourselves choosing the wrong stuff.

No I'm not talking about what we eat, but what we allow ourselves to listen to, read, or absorb from our surroundings.

When you get in the car do you have the radio on, the news, or do you take a moment to put your favourite tunes on, a podcast that makes you feel part of something or a audio book you've been longing to read? This simple choice of what we listen to on a cars journey can completely change our outlook on life when we get to the end of our journey, listening to the news, the fear constructed headlines that are aimed to play on our own insecurities and trigger our own pain bodies will no doubt cause your body to clench, compared to listening to your favourite music and signing along to it will cause your own vibrations to lift.

Listening to a podcast of like minded people that are on the same journey as you, can make you feel part of something, top you up, give you hope and just plain allow a few things to click in the mind.

Its proven that people who wake up and turn BBC breakfast on in the morning or any other news channel are more likely to suffer from depression than people who get up and don't. So if you're struggling with a positive outlook, scrap the news it's not helping your state of mind.

If you're into a hobby or your healing path, instead of having magazines around the house with gossip or what the celebs are doing and how they look, bin those and put books and other forms of writings that make you feel positive, or get you thinking about the things you love to do.

When I taught horse riding I'd recommend my weekly riders get some horsey books and mags and have them around the house, because between sessions each time you tuned back into horses you reminded yourself of the feeling of riding, those that regularly tuned into that wavelength even if they didn't go near a horse between sessions improved quicker than those that just thought about riding when they were on the horse.

What we absorb through media makes a huge difference to how we construct our lives, when it comes to social media I follow people that inspire and interest me, I don't follow many friends as I'd rather find out what they're doing by actually talking to them, I follow people whose feeds make me feel good, and if I get a clench a block when reading something too many times, I unfollow as I know that input is bad for me.

We have so many choices, change the simple stuff, the things that don't take much to change but make you feel a million times better. Give it a go, go a week without the news, instead listen to music or podcasts, instead of reading the papers, read a poem that will inspire you for the day, delete all the people on your feed that make you feel yuk, all the news outlets and gossip columns that make you question your own self, that have a fear narrative rather than writing from a place of love.

Fill yourself up with your input rather than letting yourself be drained. I promise you its so worth it, I used to be addicted to following the news, reading all the fear based narratives on facebook and getting absorbed into how the world was such a shit place. For over a year now I've been news free, I listen to music, podcasts and audio books, I don't ever listen t the radio and we never watch the news.

I used to get up and put the news on, I'd listen constantly to radio 4 and all its news programs, all I could talk about was politics and the shittyness of the world. Now I look outside and see the beauty, I pick the articles I want to read and I'm super aware of my input, but what if I miss something? Well I miss it, I didn't know I missed it and I don't care. If its important and I'm meant to hear about it, I'll find it, but more often than not, I don't.

I used to say we all must know exactly what is happening in the world its our duty, I now believe that our duty is to make sure our world, our immediate surroundings are full of love and cared for. If we all focused on the stuff we could change rather than live in fear of the things that are out of our control we would find that slowly the world would change towards love.

So let go of the fear input and fill yourself with love and good vibrations and you'll find that life changes for the best and your perspective and priorities will change too.

Meg xxx

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