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Take a look around you today and notice how many stories are told to you from an energy of fear. The adverts that tell us to put certain creams in our faces to stop us looking old, the images of skinny women telling us we can’t get curvy, the news...well everything to do with the news, the stories friends tell you about “that time”, the undertone of be like us otherwise you won’t be accepted, the drive this car otherwise you’re a failure, get these grades otherwise you’ll end up with nothing, work so hard you face falls off otherwise you’re not good enough, the list goes on and on and on...our world, our economics, our lives are guided from fear, we’re told to buy things because we “need” them to validate our space in this world, were told a constant story to keep us paying into the pot, running on the rat race and living for others and not ourselves. But when we start to notice the actions we take and the stories we get sold we can start to change the thought, I’m putting this deliciously smelling and full of goodness cream on my face not in fear of getting old but in gratitude to my wonderful skin that’s protected me for so long, I’m eating fruit instead of a chocolate bar not because I want to loose weight, but because I know my body will be grateful for the nutrients it brings and that it will have to work harder and get less from the chocolate, I do this because I love my body and am grateful for all it gives me. Changing our way of living from a place of fear to a place of love can change how we see the world and the people around us, it can also change how we feel about ourselves, our bodies and our own lives. It takes time to notice every narrative and still at times these are easily missed. But just for the start this week, notice when your thoughts, or the stories being told to you come from a place of fear and just see if you can twist and flip them round to be heard from a place of love. Happy Monday Wild Ones Megs Xxx 

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