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Morning meditation

Morning meditation, “I Trust”, I trust in all that’s sent my way, the darkness and the light, I know that in some way these lessons and journeys are sent to teach me, to guide me to be the best I can be. 

I trust in the bad days and the good, I know I will be ok in the end, I trust in the support that’s sent my way, the time that I have been given and in my own story. I release my fears and needs to control, I trust that all will be here in the end. Trust is one of the hardest things to cultivate when life seems against you, I certainly lost my trust recently when the days were dark and long, through sitting though and breathing I’m re-kindling this trust, the trust I had before and the trust I wish to have again. It’s all work, a repetitive dialogue that runs through the mind, noticing when the control sets in, or the fear whispers, noticing the thoughts that form a wall against trust and releasing them. I know deep down that when trust is there whatever pathway we are sent on becomes something different, something less scary and more “right”. This pregnancy journey has caused me to think more about the future than ever, but at the same time to try not to fret, to be prepared but not love in fear, to be open hearted as to what is coming but to not get overwhelmed. I suppose any journey can be like that, if we worry to much about the future, we miss the present but we also spend the whole time worrying about something that’s truly out of our control. The only things we can really control are our current thoughts, and our current actions, and if we work on them, the future will sort itself out. We just have to trust. Megs  #pregnancy #wildwoman #wombyoga #meditation #thoughts 

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