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What’s your mantra?

“I inhale love for all that I am, all that I have, all that’s coming my way....I exhale my fears and open myself up to trust” What’s your mantra or affirmation? Taking a short time each day, 5-10minutes breathing and repeating a short sentence that resonates with you can leave you feeling empowered and able to cope with the day ahead. It can be something simple like “I am strong and calm” or something more detailed like mine from today. The most important thing is that it feels right for you, once you’ve settled on something for the day, sit comfortables and bring your focus to your breathing, take about ten deep slow breaths and then start to add the mantra to your inhales and exhales, repeating over an over as the real gravity of what your saying (either out loud or in your head) starts to sink in. This can become a beautiful ritual to honour yourself, but it also can become a technique to deal with anxiety, stress and depression. It’s all in the practice, don’t leave it until you’re feeling down to use it, if you practice this daily then when you really need it it will be much easier to do. Maybe comment below with what mantras have helped you in the last, share the love for others to try and let’s breath a calm Tuesday together. Megs xx 

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