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How do you react when the horse reacts?

How do you react when the horse reacts? In fact how do you react when anything around you doesn’t quite go to plan? These probing questions are questions about understanding the vibes we give off and how we can maintain our centre when the external isn’t going to well Understanding your internal reactions and recognising the dialogue of your body is all part of understanding how we communicate with our horses and the world around us It’s all well and good being calm when everything is fine, but even sometimes this is a struggle!!! But what if your horse spooks, makes a sharp movement, doesn’t respond to a question or even over responds? What happens within you when the external energy changes? In order to be a safe space for our horses they need to feel like we’re the calm within the storm, horses ultimately want to feel safe, just like us, so are drawn to the stillness, the slow heart rate and the calm breaths, if when they feel afraid or unsure your reaction is to also feel fear you become part of the storm, you become part of the issue, and then we have a potential of making it worse Recognising our own self and focusing on us whilst a storm is happening around us sometimes goes against human nature, we just want to get involved, but this can be more damaging. Before trying to ‘sort’ the ‘problem’ first focus inwards, can you calm, are you calm, are you breathing, are you the stillness the horse needs, then from a place of grounded stability you can step in and help the horse unravel their own fears Learning to check inwards with practice can literally take seconds, one deep breath, but that second to breathe and assess can help something improve so much quicker than reacting from an energy of tension and fear So next time the plan doesn’t go to plan, check in before you check out and find you inner calmness, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the horse/others/children come back to the state of calm too Be the centre, be the stillness Happy Sunday vibes to you all wild ones xxx

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