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Energy connections...

“Horses are exquisitely attuned to all types of energy fields, transmitting information among the herd in a split second to warn of possible danger. Their attunement to the energy fields of humans extends very much to picking up what is swirling around in our subtle body and this is where much of our connection with horses actually takes place. This includes our emotional and physical state, our intention, our energy level, our unconscious, and most likely on a deeper soul level, too.” - Angela Dunning This is my constant starter point when spending time with horses, understanding how sensitive they are and understanding how what energy we carry effects and ultimately changes our relationship with these beautiful animals I spent years carrying emotional turmoil, baggage so heavy and blocked that the ability for my horses to feel me and also for myself to actually let them in fully was impaired, looking back I can see when they were trying to unlock me, get in and help but I was unaware of how deep they could go Through yoga I have been able to connect to what I hold in my body and release it, leaving me awakened to the reality of what I transmit at a deeper level and able to process and free it This in turn has opened the communication with my beautiful horses, it’s allowed us to connect far beyond superficial surface and really understand one another, it’s opened a relationship deeper than I could ever have imagined When we really open our consciousness to what can truly be felt and held and transmitted we ultimately open ourselves to the freedom of releasing, no longer denying the body as just a physical entertiy that gets us places and allows us to do stuff but as a vessel that holds our traumas, journeys and life stories Before I thought it was in the mind that I held things, but I realise now that by just “treating” the mind I missed a massive part of me, and I continued holding, it wasn’t until yoga cracked me open did I fully release my past and learn to accept myself And now my horses and my yoga continue to keep me embodied, connected and reminded of where I hold, where I feel and where I can free myself of the shackles that hold me back

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