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B A L A N C E - it’s a constant practice

To maintain balance within our lives is a constant practice, if you’re anything like me you will find it so easy to become out of balance.

The simple word ‘yes’ can take you into a tipping action of taking too much on for that point in your life and so to regain balance becomes so much harder.

Once we’ve found balance keeping in the centre is a constant practice of awareness, from the smallest decisions of what we’re going to eat, drink, surround ourselves with, listen to or watch to the bigger life choices of what job is good for us what commitments feel good and what feel heavy.

Within yoga we practice balance within the body, from the simple action of breathing and regulating the inhales and exhales to a balanced state to the more challenging postures of standing on one leg or even on our hands, but all this isn’t to look good in a picture, the practice of body balance is just that, drawing our focus inwards and re balancing the body/mind energies.

Within our modern world we live mainly in our mind, most people’s jobs are more mentally challenging that physical with a high percentage of the the population not walking more than 5000 steps a day, then we look at screens for fun, escapism and again the mind is working and the body, well it becomes a vessel of digestion, breathing and basically keeping the mind alive, a huge expanse of cells forgotten about.

But the body is so much more, whilst we’re spending our time upstairs in the brain our body is recording, storing and feeling all our thoughts and choices, it’s taking in and processing all we consume “the good, the bad and the ugly” and because we are unbalanced and more in the mid we aren’t aware of this, so these things get stuck inside us.

By practising the physical art of balance we have to get into the body and feel what’s happening, therefore re balancing the mind/body axis and ultimately giving the mind space to process too.

I truly believe in order to live a life of wellness the key is in finding and maintaining balance, putting the effort in to listen to our choices and pausing before we make a choice that sends us out of balance, ultimately illness, stress and anxiety are all an imbalance of our mind/body and the more we can draw ourselves back to the state of balance the less chance we have of feeling that way.

It’s easy to start, becoming aware of your choices, and asking yourself does this take me closer to balance or further away? And then stand on one leg whilst you clean your teeth and feel your body for a few seconds of each day.

Happy Wednesday Wild Ones xxxx

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