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E M O T I O N S - there are no such things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’

Horses teach us that emotions are information, they are signals from the body telling us what’s happening inside and how we are reacting to our surroundings, whether that’s to a person and how we’re being treated or to an environment or situation that we are in What horses also tell us is there is no such thing as good and bad emotions, and no emotion should be ignored or disguised, through suppressing and denying our true emotions all we do is throw another element of confusion into the mix and leave ourselves, our bodies and the people around us even more disconnected Horses can sense your true emotions, just as the purest beings of this earth can, children and babies, and when we act like we’re not feeling those emotions we become misaligned, in a Horses mind an animal that’s feeling one way but acting another is someone that’s not to be trusted, in humans we loose the faith to trust too When we start to realise how sensitive horses are and how they make sense of the world by sensing energy it can be easy to feel like we don’t want to impress what we see as a negative or bad emotion into them, this can be the same with babies or children, so we turn to bottling it up, saying “we’re fine” when actually we’re feeling totally different With horses this causes them to respond to the energy they feel rather than the actions or words that you say, I you’re stressed or scared they will act stressed or scared, if your angry and they will see anger and their behaviour will display anger, they are our mirrors, no matter what your voice is saying they will show you what you’re really feeling Confusion can then be created as the horse behaves in a way that doesn’t seem to mirror what your asking or saying, so what the horse is teaching is for you to listen to the actual emotion that your feeling and start to face up to and work with that, as soon as we honour our emotions we can connect once more, we can connect to ourselves and our horses and our loved ones because we’re being truthful, we being pure And as soon as we honour our emotions we can then start to ask the questions of why am I feeling the way I am, and how can I start to move to change it, we start to look at our fears, the situations we work and live in, the paths we’re following and instead of seeing the emotions as a bad thing to be feeling we can start to see them as horses do, as signals of what’s happening and how we are responding Only then when we can become truly honest with ourselves about what we’re feeling can we expect others, especially horses to open to us fully, to trust us and be totally honest with us xxx

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