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T R I G G E R S - why do I feel like that?

That feeling when you meet someone or read something that sparks a reaction inside of you that immediately places a block between you and that energy But there’s no real explanation for it, that thing holds you no malice yet you can’t seem to step over the line to open your heart, there’s a deep feeling of disconnect I’ve been sitting with this for a few days now, certain stories or posts that I read causing me to to react viscerally in annoyance yet there’s really nothing to be annoyed about, it’s nothing to do with me I tell myself, that person is on their own path Yet is that true? My conclusion so is something to do with me as that persons path is shining a light on an unhealed part of my past that’s triggering this reaction That persons path is a path I used to walk and am denying it existed rather than opening to it and allowing myself to see that meg with compassion and love and not shame or disgust As we go through this life we never get it all “right” and there have certainly been things in my life I now regret, but I recognise I still need to love the meg that thought those thoughts, acted the way she acted or walked that path, because ultimately she was only trying her best at the time So even though the person that’s triggering me now has absolutely nothing to do with the paths I walked years ago, watching them walk those similar paths is highlighting a longing to heal, a time to forgive and a time to open to love My practice from this is compassion, compassion for the young me that made the mistakes, I choose forgiveness to her for what and how she acted or thought and I choose love for her, as I know that even though now I can see all the things she was doing wrong, back then she was only doing what she knew best and overall that journey that I’ve made to come from then, to now has been a journey that’s taught me so much, and one I am proud of and shouldn’t be ashamed of. So if you find you’re being triggered, maybe sit and ask, what’s that shining a light on with you? And can you make steps to heal those past hurts?

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