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Admitting how you feel to yourself can be hard, acknowledging the deep held emotions that flow through or even are stuck in your body is sometimes a huge mountain to climb, honesty isn’t always easy! But when we work around animals they can tell how we feel even when we don’t admit it, the only problem is when we deny it to ourselves they see a disconnect and it’s confuses them Just the simple task (not easy) of telling the horse how you truly feel inside can be enough to shift your body and energy into alignment, I you try to be happy problem free person around your horse yet inside your falling apart this will never ring true, your horse needs to hear what’s really happening, they need you to be honest They may not understand what the words mean, but they will feel the energy shift within you as you come back into alignment and you find your true self, through doing this and acknowledging your true emotions the deep deep ones you can also start the journey of your own healing and that is where your power will return xxx

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