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Still playing, exploring and connecting This practice of yoga is the way I find myself, I find trust in my body and explore where I can and cannot go, I learn not to judge, not to pressure but not to be afraid either As adults we do often live in fear of what may go wrong, rather than exploring what could go right, it’s so easy to stay in a box and never leave it, to not find our edges or explore the unknown, until that box gets smaller and smaller and then suddenly we are stuck As children we play, we throw ourselves around, we try new things...daily....and it’s the norm, we find the things we love, the things we like and the things we don’t get on with, if we never explored beyond our boxes we’d never have learnt, or discovered our favourite hobbies We’d have never have become who we are today, but why stop exploring just because we’re an adult, why live in fear when we can live in passion and love and fun and all things that continue to connect us and move us on So this is me, still exploring, still connecting, still learning and each day there comes a new lesson What’s your lesson today?

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