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“For every second you give your horse, your horse will give you 10 back” When we start to partner with our horses the biggest transformations can be made if we look a little closer, the horses body language and behaviour is so subtle that their communication is very easily missed The art of seeing these small signals in my mind is to slow down a little, instead of just ‘getting on with it’ and missing the small stuff slow the process of whatever you’re doing down and start to observe the horses body language “It’s in the small stuff that the big steps can be made” By missing these small signals we only leave the horse one option and that is to shout what they’re trying to tell us, this can be the form of spooking, biting, kicking, bolting, illness, pain, tension, you name it the horse will find a way of expressing but it may not be how we would recognise the problem My work and the word I dream of spreading is tuning into the little things, teaching people what to look for and how to hold space for the horse, learning the art of slowness, a second isn’t a long time but it can tell you a thousand things Just because you slow down doesn’t mean you’ll miss out, what it really means is you’ll be even more involved, your relationship will grow even stronger and your partnership with your horse will have no boundaries Megs xx

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