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Weekend mornings are for slow movement, animal hugs and fresh air For many years my weekends were the busiest part of the week, the animals were rushed and although the days were fun there was no space for slowness It’s taken me 3 years of unraveling to be able to slow down and enjoy the process of weekends, well, the process of every day really! When you’re a busy person but not in a good way the surrender to slowness is a process in itself, I used to fear slowing down, the thoughts and feelings that came up were uncomfortable and so sub consciously I’d make myself busy, always ‘doing’ never ‘being’ This worked wonders within my work life, I was driven and ran a successful business but deep down my soul wasn’t happy, I was broken, and so I was damaged, everything I did came from an energy of needing to escape rather than from love But now? Well after 6 years of practicing yoga, and 3 years since selling the business I finally can say I’m happy to be slow, I still love to do, but I do from a place of love and not from fear, I can stand a groom my pony for hours without the guilt or the rush that used to overwhelm me, I can sit and read a book, and of course I can plan and enjoy creating work projects that feed my soul rather than give me another place to hide Slowness doesn’t mean you’re lazy, or that you will never get anything done, it just means that as you do the things you love you do them with a flow of energy that feels nourishing rather than depleting, and then the things you do have more value, more thought and presence attached to them But from a girl who knows, it takes time, so so much time, and I bet when I read this in 3 more years I’ll be even more aware, even more available for the slow and think back to this time as a time of transition Slowness also takes the want to heal, the readiness to open to the wounds that will show up, the past hurts that will rise back through, and the past that maybe you’re running away from, but trust me, when you allow these to fully be heard, felt and then flow out of you the feeling of deep contentment, of soul calling happiness and of true alignment is nothing more than magical Happy weekend Wild Ones Xx

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