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My Teacher

This little man has been a huge teacher of mine over the years and continues to do so currently He is a super sensitive being and we have become so connected, one of his first lessons for me was clarity, he can’t cope with mixed messages and it confuses him easily, he was the one that also taught me to not ask him to carry my shit, if I was stressed or in my ‘busy’ mind he would disconnect and ask me to leave him alone until I was more in the present grounded and ready to interact at his energy level, I learnt that meditation and embodiment was the key to our connection and so he took me on the journey of what it was really like to embrace conscious horsemanship He then taught me how horses can find confidence in their own abilities when given puzzles to solve and I watched in awe as he came out of his shell and gained so much courage in life And now? Well now is the biggest lesson of all, how tuned in these animals really are. Ever since becoming pregnant my relationship with him has been varied, I was ill for 6 months and so could do very little with him, even seeing him daily became impossible at times, and since feeling better I have noticed he’s struggled The last few weeks his struggling turned into full anxiety and caused a series of illnesses, so I’ve been working very hard on helping him regain his trust that I’m not going to leave him again, that he is safe and that he is grounded Even though he was being checked and looked after the whole time I was poorly for him it wasn’t enough, and this caused him turmoil but it showed up not in behaviour but in health. So this has been my lesson, that they feel and see everything, that their whole lives are reliant and pivoted around us as their carers and soul beings and that when something happens in our life to throw us off balance it throws them too He’s taught me that when I’m out of sinc I must not forget about him, he will be feeling it all too and maybe taking it on more than we’d think And that even if your horse lives out in a 30acre paddock with very little interference like he did there is still a routine to our movements and they still use that routine to find their centre in life If your animal is showing up behavioural or health ‘issues’ at the moment if highly recommend looking at what may have changed in your life recently, and look there too because I promise some of it if not all of it is being soaked up by them Xxx

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