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Vulnerability As Brene brown says “you can’t be courageous without being vulnerable” She’s asks you to name a single time where you’ve experienced courage without vulnerability being can’t. But when we say courage we can easily think about running into a burning building to save a life or climbing a mountain...but everyday there are moments to experience deep vulnerability and ultimately deep courage and the most deepest of all is allowing ourselves to feel love fully. To really love someone with no ifs, buts or maybes, to open our hearts and let down the walls is the ultimate state of vulnerability and in essence deep courage I spent many years with my walls up, loving but not with every part of me, always holding a bit back, saving some part of me “just incase” It’s been a conscious practice for the past few years to really allow myself the vulnerability of pure love, the risk of being hurt, of loosing that love and of being totally surrendered to the out of control love And this journey is the ultimate journey of vulnerability of loving something so much that you have to drop to your knees and surrender yourself fully Where do you practice vulnerability or where do you push it away? That’s your Friday question Have a beautiful vulnerable courageous day Wild Ones Megs xxx 

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