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You can think a teacher is the person that stands at the front of a room and shows you what to do, you can think that a teacher will tell you how to do “it”, give you rules to do “it” correctly. But teachers are not always the obvious person that declares themselves as a teacher, most of the time they are the “stealth” individuals that surround us, our children, our loved ones, our friends and even strangers. Teachers pop up every day in our lives to show us something, to guide us, but so often we are just too caught up in our own heads and worlds to notice Teachers don’t always come in human form, they can be animals and nature too. I find my lessons from everything around me, Currently my little bunny is teaching me a lot about myself, how I interact, how I truly feel and she’s making me super aware of how I see my place in this world. My animals and the nature they live in are also strong teachers to me, sitting and observing and feeling into them can show us so much. And letting myself be taught by my surroundings has opened up my thoughts and understanding of this world and myself. So what and who are your teachers? And are you missing lessons that are being sent your way because your not aware they’re there? Xxx

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