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Rolling on from yesterday’s post my mind had come back to stories once more This time it’s the vocal narrative you tell when you speak about yourself and your life This can be the “I can’t do that as I just don’t have time”, “I can’t do that as don’t have money”, “I’m a mum so can’t possibly do that”, “life’s a struggle”, “I hate my job”, “I’m always tired”, “I suffer from ...... so can’t do that as it will make me ill” and the most stifling “well this is my life and I can’t do anything about it, I just have to live with it” These have all been my story at some point in my life and each and everyone of them didn’t add anything to my life other than negative blocks Yes we may be ill, a mother, struggling with money, busy trying to do everything, exhausted BUT that’s not all we are, that’s not our only story, and if we only speak THAT story we bring more energy to THAT I bring bans on stories in our house, due to the hours we work and having a new born it’s a given we’re tired, but that’s not going to be our story, so we’re not allowed to say’s easy to reply to someone e when they say “how are you” to respond with “busy” or in our case it was “tired” but the energy of that conversation immediately drops to a place of negativity So instead we change our main story, yes we’re tired but what else are we?? What are your OTHER stories?? 

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