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The monkey mind

The Monkey Mind and the stories it likes to tell us We all have a narrative that cheaters away in our mind, I call it our monkey mind, some call it the chimp, others the voice, whatever you call it I can guarantee it’s there And more often than not, what it says isn’t helpful! It tends to tell you the negative points in life When we lived in the wild, when we had predators chasing us, when we had to decided if one berry would keep us alive and another may kill us, when the only way we had of passing on information was through voice and stories, the monkey brain was a helpful piece of kit, the negative story was there to keep us alive There was no help in a family member going for a walk and noticing the predator waiting in the shadows and the beautiful stars above and when they got back to their family only talking about how glorious the sky looks, only talking about the positive, this would have left the family in jeopardy and they probably wouldn’t have survived So stories along the “fear” line, the chatter of what may go wrong, was what kept the human race alive whilst we lived in the wild But....and this is a big but...we no longer live like that, and even when we’re totally safe our monkey brain finds other things to talk negatively to us about, it’s like if unchecked it just needs something to talk about! Ok, there are still times we need to be aware, we need to hear the stories of what may happen, but most days the more help would be the positive stories Meg xxxx 

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