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How stress effects our ponies...

When a horse disconnects from you, stops dead and refuses to move for no apparent reason, walks away or turns their head away what’s the first thing you think of or do? In the study of Equine Assisted Therapy this is a signal that something in you has shifted to a place of discomfort for the horse, maybe a thought pattern has occurred that has caused an energetic change within your body or you are misaligned between your thoughts, actions and feelings Horses are so deeply sensitive and when given the freedom to express what they are feeling they will show you what’s happening deep inside, every signal, every movement that the horse makes is a signal to you, about you and for you As I study this further I realise my horses will show me when my thoughts different from my truth, when there’s a misalignment in my body and most of all when I’m holding fear and hardness Because they have the freedom to come to me but also leave they will only stay in my space whilst I’m fully present and fully aware of myself and them, as soon as my mind wanders or energy shifts to a place of absence or fear they leave But the longer I stay present, open and vulnerable the longer they stay with me, the closer they become and instead of me having to tie them up and hold them there our energies stay connected like invisible magnets So as part of the practice of softness notice when your horse is telling you something, and ask yourself, what was I thinking when they disconnected, what were they showing me about my truth? 

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