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I talk a lot about our feminine cycles and the cycles of the moon in class. Mainly because for years I rejected any of that and powered through my periods, powered through my bodies need for rest and basically ignored this cycle that is so natural to us. Then I read a book about how we can embrace our cycles and become super human with it, using the times when we naturally have energy to get the stuff done we’ve been craving and the times where we wish to hibernate to do just that, to recharge ready for the next bout of energy. But these cycles aren’t just confined to every month, they happen daily, do you get that 3pm low? And they also happen yearly, the phrase “spring clean” didn’t just magic itself up from know where. I’ve noticed at this time of year my creativity kicks in, along with illness, and need to draw inwards to write ideas down, draw plans and get the next 12 months out on paper. I wonder if it’s because it’s around my birthday so my official start of the year is now? In Olive she has weekly cycles, Monday’s are her sleepy days, in pregnancy Monday was my really bad sickness day. So as I sit and plan and ponder, I wonder if I could totally plan my life around my cycles where and when would I do stuff? How would you plan your diary if you didn’t have anything to hold you into a certain routine?

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