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Tack and Us

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into ergonomic bridles and tack, looking to make sure my ponies are as comfortable as possible and whilst these new tack innovations are amazing and the scientific research really gets you thinking the other side of the equation is the rider at the end of the reins. And no matter how fantastic the tack we place on our horses is if we are uneven, or restrictive to the horse the horse will never go to its full potential. The more aware I become of my imbalances the more I can see how they make a difference to the small things on the horses way of going as well as the big. So, yes, learn about the tack your riding your horse in, read the studios on noseband pressure and the nerves in the face, research the girth that you tighten daily and make sure your bit is correct for your horses mouth. Don’t just put on what “looks” good, or what your favourite rider has on their horse, get your knowledge. BUT don’t stop there, a tightness in the humans or horses jaw causes restricted movement in the don’t be the thing getting in your horses way, start to do internal research of where you mis-alignments are and start to understand how you affect the horse underneath. Pic: a throwback to my old tack-room! 

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