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Why do we go upside down?

Because it can be fun, because it’s a challenge and because it teaches us about ourselves.....note it’s not because it looks good! Upside down can be seen as an “advanced” practice but I see it as deep self enquiry, from the moment you face the wall/tree/mat and place your hands on the floor the practice begins, how does your heart rate change, your breathing differ and what does that monkey brain tell you? This is what postures are all about and sometimes we need the postures at the edge of our practice to really learn, so when your in a class and asked to go towards a posture that feels a bit “out there” to you, remember it’s never about achieving the full posture, what it’s about is taking it in stages and only moving deeper/higher/stronger once you breath and mind have settled in the first stage. And why? Because if you learn what happens when you’re at your edge, if you then learn to find comfort there, a slow breath and settled mind, where else in your life can you put this into practice? Where else will this help? 

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