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I was never one to marinade, I never had the patience to wait and I figured it couldn’t taste much my mind it was just holding me back from the cooking, the tasting and the eating. And then one New Years I decided I’d give it a go, I’d go through the process of mixing some herbs and oils and honey and place the food into the marinade, I’d let it sit in it for a day or maybe two and then when it was time to cook....well....the difference this time spent in the juices of slow marinade...any of you who do cook will know is insane, yes the food would have tasted good without the marinade but the magic that marinade brought was of a whole different scale! Sometimes we places things in our way and out things off, but sometimes life places things in our way and stops us from rushing, a new born baby for example, or a debt that needs to be paid, an illness that needs to be treated or a notice that must be worked. These things give us an undisclosed amount of time that we can marinade in the goodies of what we want to come, we can play with the flavours and soak in the juices, and if we give it that time and patience we can trust that the end result is going to be somewhat greater than the times when we’d have rushed and jumped to the eating of it, we’d have avoided the slow discovery and gone for the quick result. So to all of you with dreams bubbling and intentions set, yet finding that you are not the ones placing blocks in your way, that you are being slowed by external forces...this is your time to marinade, to soak in the delights of the energy your creating and to trust that when you’re ready you will come to the brilliance that lies within.

Happy Saturday beauties Megs xxxx 

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