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Today is the Autumn Equinox and the energy of change arrives with it. For me I’m finding it’s not a moving forwards as such but a feeling of coming back again. This past 12 months has been an insane journey and I’ll be honest my spiritual practice has been tested. Last autumn during my pregnancy I suffered with hg which left me feeling the least spiritual I have ever felt and at a total disconnect to my own body. I realised today how this had actually impacted my “me-ness” and how I’d lost my identity, and then of course pregnancy took hold and bump grew and then a beautiful gift arrived. All leaving me slowing but very gradually fighting to find myself in all this different energy. I’m not sitting here saying I’m there yet, I have a long way and I know this journey of motherhood has really yet to begin, but this day of autumn, this day that feels like change to me feels like a switch has been turned back on and I feel like my path has been lit once more. So I raise a glass of non alcoholic drink to this next season and open myself up to being guided. I surrender to what’s to come and look forward to what it has to offer....oh and as it’s that time of year I may go and by myself some new stationary too 🙏🏼🧡🍂 

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