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Take care of yourself

I teach it, I preach it, but truthfully I struggle as much as the next person to put myself first, but this journey into motherhood is the biggest teacher yet. My mental health is my responsibility and only I can make sure I stay on the right side of the line, but to place myself ahead of the dinner needing cooking, or the pile of paperwork sitting on the desk, to place myself before the call of the monkey mind chatting away with guilt of doing something for me has been one of the biggest challenges yet. Because suddenly time is limited it feels that in the spare moments I “should” be doing the housework, the office work, or whatever my monkey brain can conjure up to tell me I “should” be doing rather than placing my mental health on the list. But as I got into the bath tonight that my body longed for but my mind tried to tell me could wait, I reminded myself that my mental health is my responsibility and if I don’t look after it no-one else will, and ultimately my ability as a mother/wife/daughter/fill in the blank; will be severely impinged if I don’t give myself time. Today’s felt a bit like I’ve been hanging on by a thread, but taking brief moments for me has been what’s stopped me from breaking, horse time, nature time, Bath time, all moments of pause in an otherwise sleep deprived hectic day. Why am I writing this? Not for sympathy, but to let all you out there who also feel a bit like you’re hanging on by a thread know that you can take a moment and it’s not selfish it’s self-care, it’s a moment that only you can give yourself, let go of the need to wash up, or vacuum or whatever it is you’re beating yourself up with and take that moment to do something for you, and just you, because that could be the moment that saves the day. 

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