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6 things to do this New Moon

The new moon is all about starting a new, a chance to refresh, re-align and re-mind ourselves of what we really want to be spending our time on, feeling and generally living like.

Every year we are given a 'new year', at the start of January we are told to set our intentions, or 'new years resolutions' and we get all excited about the NEW. How can we make our life a little more the way we want it to be, we have a whole year to do it!!!

January comes and goes and slowly we find that the resolutions we set drift away and life puts us onto a different path!

But it doesn't need to be like this, holding focus for a whole year is hard! But every 28 days a New moon arrives, like a mini New Year, a chance to refocus ourselves. Even more; Every day the sun rises and even mini-er New Year.

The New Moon is a perfect opportunity to take a moment to pause and re-evaluate, look back at the past 28 days, feel into the next 28 days and set your intentions as to what you want them to look like.

Life comes at us so fast that it's easy to get knocked off our paths and so this little moment every 28 days is a perfect way to keep returning, to stay on tracks. And of course, what may have felt right to you in January may feel totally wrong now, so it's also key to re-evaluate, and not be afraid of changing direction.

So here's a few things you can do this week to mark the New Moon

1) Take a moment to journal; journaling is key to getting those thoughts that are spinning around your head, or even burried underneath the mess of life out and regain a little clarity. Grab yourself your favourite note pad, make yourself a cup of tea and take some quite time to just write, write whatever comes to the mind, once you've written until nothing more comes, close your journal and sit with the clarity that comes up. Know now that the mess has gone and notice what if any thoughts rise, these thoughts may have a little more ping about them than the mess that was there before.

2) Read through the Moon Workbook; Simples!!! As a member of the wilderness you get access to the amazing workbooks for each new and full moon. Take some time to have a read through the relevant workbook for this new moon, answer the questions, do any of the exercises that you are drawn to and see what comes up for you.

3) Take a walk in nature; There's nothing like a walk to help clear and refocus the mind, whether it's n your own or with a loved one go for a long walk, enough of a walk to get the surface rubbish clear and the deeper stuff coming up. The length of walk is key here, too short and you won't get to the juicy bits. Whether you're talking it through as you walk with someone or thinking it through, there's always gold to be found at the end of a long walk, in the form of clarity. There's also something powerful about walking and talking shoulder to shoulder rather than face to face, so many massive breakthroughs for people and big ideas have been formed when walking.

4) Make sure you look back; we can't see how far we've come unless we stop sometimes and take a check back. Don't do this in a way that's done with a negative mind, more a look back at all the good stuff, the stuff you've learnt, the stuff you're now ready to let go of and the stuff you want to take with you. This helps clear up in your mind what path is best for you to take.

5) Write down those intentions; it's alright thinking them, it's ok saying them but when we physically write something down we change it into something more solid, we're more likely to stick to it if its written down...and remember the mini-er new year I said, each and every day we have a chance to remember. By writing our intentions down, having them next to our bed and reading them as soon as we wake up this is a hugely powerful; and very simple thing to do to keep you focused and aligned.

6) Check out what this new moon means; every new moon has a different feeling about it, either by joining a moon circle to chat or reading up a little more about the planets and stars etc you'll be able to find patterns, similarities and clarity on why you're feeling a certain way, and most of all it helps you to see that it's all cyclical, all joined to nature and all absolutely ok.

So there's a few things to do this week, the new moon energy is at its fullest from 48 hours before to 48 hours after, so you don't have to do it all in one day. Just make a little more time to incorporate these things and you'll be amazed at how it helps the next 28 days.

Lots of Love

Megs xx

If this resonates with you or you feel like someone else needs to hear this, please forward it to them, if you want weekly thoughts and to stay connected but in a more meaningful way, my focus and energy will be now into this blog, my podcast and my weekly emails so subscribe to any of those. Your help in sharing my words is the biggest gift of all.


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