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Being Human

There’s a beautiful poem about being a woman who never stopped, and one of the lines is “For she was a human doing, a human moving, a human seeing, but she never took time to be a human Being”

As we unlock ourselves a little, and allow “more” back into our lives. The question I’m going to keep coming back to is, “Is this me doing, or is this me being?” I’m a doer, but not always for the best reasons, I do to please others, to fit the mould, to keep the stories of “not enough” at bay. In lockdown these stories have been a little less fierce, the not needing to please others or keep up with others has allowed me to really find my own rythmns, not easy but beautiful BUT now the real work begins.

Maintaining this status when the world heads back to the “doing” how can I maintain my “being”, so I will he saying NO more, I will be pausing to feel if it’s right for me and my family, I will be placing my inner circle before the larger outset circle and I will be standing in my power, reframing the mould to fit me rather than others.

I will be stepping into my light and that may mean change, actually it WILL mean change. But change is good, change is great, it means I’ve learnt and I now promise myself to hold this truth as we walk forwards and honour my HUMAN BEING


How do we keep our calm when the world gets moving again
Human Being


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