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Breath Work Meditation

Breathe work, also known as pranayama is a key towards meditation. It's definitely my 'in' when my mind won't settle and I need a focus. But it is also a great way to check in with whats really going on with the body.

Breath work in of itself can be a hugely powerful tool to not only find calm but alos unlock the prana (energy/lifeforce) that can become trapped in parts of our physical body. So it is important to wok kindly with the breath and if it doesn't feel right to allow ourselves to stop and rest.

In our yoga teacher training we were encouraged to practice one form of breath work daily for a month, this allowed us to really explore the whole power of that practice and learn the deep nuisances of the breath and that particular practice.

I encourage you to do the same, give yourself time to practice each type of breath work, even if you find one particularly easy still stay with it for at least a week before you move up to the next 'level' within that type of breath work, notice any resistances you have as well as love for it, it all means something.

A note, just like the physical practice of yoga, breath work can unlock things after the practice itself, you may find yourself crying over frozen peas or your energy lifted to a higher state hours after, be aware and take note this is all the power of the breath.


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