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Can You here the whispers?

As the world has quietened and our lives drawn more inwards I’ve suddenly become hyper aware of all the little shifts within, not the shouts or the screams but the subtle feels that tell me so much.

Someone asked me this week about leaning into the places in our body that don’t feel great when we practice, how do they go about finding more space there, and my answer was you listen for the whispers and not the shouts, you only lean in enough to hear the whisper, before the shout comes, that way your awareness becomes so so deep that your body can’t help but trust a little more each time.

When I’m around my animals I’m always listening for the whispers, the small subtle changes in their behaviour before we get to the big over expressive shouts, responding the the subtle rather than the sublime.

And then last night we started to watch a film, as I watched it I noticed the whispers of my soul saying she wasn’t enjoying the feeling the film gave her, so I listened, we turned the film off and chatted about it, I then read a book.

As the world has quietened I’m really noticing all the small whispers the things I look for in my animals I’m starting to see in myself, the work now is as the world re-opens to stay true to those whispers and not wait for the shouts!


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