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Following Your Gut, even when it feels like you're letting others down

In the wellness world there's a lot of talk about following your intuition, looking for the signs, listening to the universe...I could go on.

But this gets sticky when following your gut means that you have to let people down, when you have to say no, or even cancel on people.

Recently I listened to a podcast where a woman said she got her whole project completely launched, sold, and even close to the date when suddenly she felt her gut say, this isn't right! So she cancelled it! This is a huge leap, and something that most of us wouldn't do, we'd get so wrapped up in the stories of how others felt about it that we would ignore those feelings and power through.

But in the end she was speaking a year down the line, it was the best thing she could have done, it wasn't the right way for her business, for her health and ultimately for her. And a year on she could see how cancelling that had opened other doors that were right.

Sometimes we have to get tp the final moment for our gut to kick in, or maybe we have to get to that final moment for our intuition to shout loud enough for us to here it over all the other stories we tell our selves.

And it's in those moments where we make a choice, to align and come closer to ourselves, or to step further away. To say 'I hear you' or 'You're wrong'.

Recently I've had a very similar experience, earlier in the summer I launched my new course 'Unravel Yourself' to be started in September, initially it felt amazing, and the idea of the course still does, but as the weeks ticked by there was something holding onto my insides, a heaviness that wouldn't go away.

I had to finally listen, but there were also other signs, people saying 'love the idea just not the right time', things being booked into my diary that I couldn't change and then finally my health. Just like the straw that broke the camels back i suddenly got struck down with severe back intuition had to SHOUT.

So I messaged the people who had signed on and said, it just wasn't the right time, I'm pushing it back to Jan which felt so much more aligned and so much more expansive and exciting.

Now midway through September I see why I needed to push this back, my gut knew, and had I not listened I'd have a) struggled through whilst in pain b) missed out on probably the most healing and amazing chance to find health. In the end these last few weeks have enabled me to find treatments, delve into my health in a new way and get myself back on track, more on track than I've been for years.

Had I not followed my gut I'd have been so busy holding space for others, I'd have slipped to the bottom of the list again, and maybe never have got to where I am right now, had i not followed my gut I'd have missed out on some seriously special moments with my family and friends. Had I not be brave enough to follow my gut I'd be in a very different place.

Most of the time following our intuition, means we have to make hard choices, and mostly it's around other peoples emotions and expectations of us, but if you stay true to your own emotions and feelings, ultimately you will be able to show up for YOUR people at the time that's right for all of you, rather than just some.

Take it from me, if you're being told, it's not right......that's because there's usually something better around the corner.

Megs xxx

If this resonates with you or you feel like someone else needs to hear this, please forward it to them, if you want weekly thoughts and to stay connected but in a more meaningful way, my focus and energy will be now into this blog, my podcast and my weekly emails so subscribe to any of those. Your help in sharing my words is the biggest gift of all.

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Unknown member
Sep 22, 2020

This hits home for me entirely. Many times, I have not heeded a message and doubted its sincerity without 'proof' and later regretted it. These messages are very reliable and even if people feel annoyed by you following your own truth or don't understand, even if you don't quite understand, even if it feels 'wimpy' to pull out sometimes, if you are honoring yourself and the message yourself is sharing, it is in the honoring of it that new possibilities open up and you trust yourself enough to grab them and step into them when they arrive. For me, 'no' is the key to the biggest 'yes'.

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