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In every forward fold there's a surrender

In every forward fold theirs a practice of surrender for me, surrender to the practice, to the time it’s takes to the deep unravelling that has to happen within.

I’m a “tight” yogi, to touch my toes is an effort unless I’m warm, before I started yoga I could barely touch my knees 😂 I was strong but rigid.

What I didn’t understand then was this rigidity wasn’t all just physical tightness there was a hell of a lot of emotional tightness. Locked into all those fibres that we’re holding me solid was years and years of emotion that I’d suppressed, locked away, swallowed and tried to forget.

In every forward fold is a surrender, a deep acceptance of where I am and a surrender to the journey, it truly is never about touching your toes, it’s always about what you find on the way down.

I will continue to unlock, shed, explore and surrender every day, because I made a promise to myself that I was worthy of healing

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