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The new moon is a chance to press pause, it’s a moment of reflection. To look back at the journey you’ve been on and honour that lessons and path it has taken, but to also feel into the next chapter, to connect with yourself and notice what you’re being called to do.

Her energy is heavy, it’s like this so that we are forced to slow, you may not realise but she’s affecting you even if you don’t realise, getting annoyed at having people around you, or craving time by yourself are all pulls of the moon, drawing you in.

I like to think of this moment in our cycle as the moment between the last posture and the next, that moment when you feel a tingling sensation of release, a new energy shifting through and and then we take the next breath and shift to the next phase.

To pause in today’s society is not seen as a great need, we are ultimately a doing world and if we’re not looking like we’re doing we’re seen as many things. But our minds and our creativity needs pause, just as everything else in nature needs time to go inwards before it blooms again, so do we.

A daydream over a cup of coffee or a doodle in your notepad are all moments to cherish and are vital for our wellbeing and understanding of what we really want.

New moons are also times to pause, take a moment and feel.

But try not to ‘do’ the new moon rituals, it’s easy to fill the day or the moments with the list of new moon things and completely

miss the pause.

So today, try and Pause and notice how it makes you feel?

Megs xoxo


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