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As I made my cacao this morning I pondered, what would it be like if every moment was a ritual, if every choice I made through he day had a meaning behind it that felt connected me deeper to life. From the food I chose to eat to the actions I took in work.

Make your life one big moving prayer

This is a line from a poem I read in class sometimes and it always stands out to me as I read it, it makes my soul tingle. My dad always said to me if you do a thing you love as a job you will never work another day of your life.

I always struggled with that, because when i was doing something I thought I loved it still certainly felt like work! But what I realise now is that I wasn't quite doing what my soul called for, I was slightly off track, only one foot to the left, like when your walking along a well worn path next to someone and you have to walk in the longer grass, that's what it felt like, I realise that now.

So this morning I was thinking, if you could truly shape your life into a series of rituals, if you did the job that lit you up so much it never felt like work, if you made the food that made your soul sing, if when you took a walk you did it in a way that was so connecting to nature it didn't feel like an effort to get up that hill. How would life be?

And is that really what we are all searching for?

This thought had stayed with me as I move through the day, noticing the things I do from the smallest mundane actions to the larger gestures, asking myself, could this be a ritual?

What I've noticed that actually in looking at it through the eyes of making my life a big moving prayer, through really seeing everything as a potential ritual it isn't too hard to achieve.

Yes somethings aren't quite ever going to feel like lighting the incense and sitting for a while to breathe, but most things can have an element of mindful action and intent about them.

This is my next journey, this is my next exploration, I will dive into how I can create a life that's a ritual without loosing connection to 'life'!

What can you make a ritual in your life if you just change the intent?


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