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Self Care

Two words that have become a meaning to many of bubble baths and spa treatments, to others a dream so far away from reality that it feels unattainable, and to some a deep daily practice, a way of living.

For those of you that roll your eyes at the words or maybe think that giving yourself some care is out of reach, the ritual of self care doesn’t need to be complicated or unattainable. The ritual of self care is in the small simple spaces of life.

From pausing on your daily walk to soak in the sounds of the birds and the smells around, to drinking your herbal tea on the door step whilst taking a few moments for you, from making yourself food that nourishes you to making the choice to let an old habit go.

Self care can be anything that asks you to show up for you, for no one else, just you!

And no matter how small these moments are, when they slowly build one on top of the next your empty cup starts to fill and gradually that feeling of exhaustion and emptiness leaves. How do you see self care?

Megs xxx


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